Cooker's home service

How simple to enjoy the healthy, delicious home cooking

Cooker's Service-愛月嫂

Service Range

Purchase of ingredients

Purchase of ingredients

Procurement service for fresh ingredients is included in hours of service

Food cooking

Food cooking

Ingredient washing and cooking

Clean after meals

Clean after meals

cooking surface clean, dishewashing, return after use, laundry service, and disposal of refuse


Fresh ingredients

cookers would purchases the food in the stores you are family with, nearby your residence or according to your appoinment.

customized cuisine

Customer service representatives and cookers would contact with you in advance to learn about your family members' taste.


The dishes made with fresh ingredients by cookers are not only tasty but also well-balanced

Chef Consultant

With the R & D director of the Zi Jin Tang cuisine design team, professor Mei Gao serving as consultant, make the dishes not only delicious, but also nutritious

Service Price

(Procurement service of ingredients + Cooking + cleansing)

The item【dishes without menu】designed according to different requests of each family, after discussion between the cooker and customers

3 hours/meals for 2

three dishes with a soup

$1199 from

4 hours/meals for 3

(four dishes with a soup)

$1599 from

4 hours/meals for 4

(five dishes with a soup)

$1699 from

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