Charity nanny service

Service days:

8 hours/ day, 48 hours, 6 days in total

Service price:

For free

Service Area

Taiwan main island only

Apply to:

  • Low-income household (please provide the certificate of chef of village)

Service content:



  • taking bath
  • umbilical cord cleansing
  • ear, nose and mouth cleansing
  • Feeding
  • changing diapers
  • disinfection of milk bottles


  • Postpartum meals served as breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • afternoon tea
  • Massage of uterus
  • Massage of breasts
  • Instruction of breast-feeding
  1. Taiwan main island only
  2. Customers could not pick the nanny in this service
  3. In the case of factors of force majeure, the company reserves the final decision right
  4. All the charges and expenses incurred from the application for the service of charity nannies shall be for applicant's account.
  5. The company reserve the right to review the eligibility of the applicants for the charity nanny. With regard to those who are not qualified, the company has right to cancel their application.
  6. When the service of the charity nanny could not be conducted due to certain factors, the company reserves the right to amend, change or cease the activity. The matters not covered would be processed according to the relevant regulations and explanations of the company, and could be supplemented and announced at any time.
  7. If there is any question about the charity nanny service, you could contact our service customer representatives: 02-8751-8076, Sunday to Monday, 09:00-18:00