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The website of Iaunty: website) is operated by Iaunty CO., Ltd.(the company) The website respects your privacy, and is committed to protect your personal information. Before using the website, please read the privacy policy (the policy) and pay attention to relevant amendments and changes announced in the website. The company reserves the right to amend or change the content of the privacy policy at any time. When you starts to use the website or continue using after any amendment or change, it means that you have read, understood, and agreed with the policy or the content after amendmends or changes, at the same time agreed the website collects, deals with and utilizes your personal information. If you could not abide by or agree the policy, or your country or area excludes the whole or part of policy, please cease your usage of the website immediately.

1. Applicable scope of the privacy policy

    the privacy policy and the notifications inside are only applicable to the company/ the website

2. Notification of the Personal Information Protection Act

    (1) Collecting company: Iaunty CO., Ltd.

    (2) Collecting purposes: to provide the relevant services, marketings, contracts, quenci-contract or other matters in relation to law, customer management and services, online shopping and other e-commerce services, advertisement and commercial activity managements, and the operation of the registered service items or the businesses complied with the regulations of articles of incorporation.

    (3) classification of personal information: identification (name, address, phone number, email address), others (emails, messages, trajectories of automatic system records and other personal information able to directly or indirectly identify users on the website, etc), limited to the personal information able to be acquired by the company

    (4) Period of the use: the information collected by the company, which is enough to identify users' identity would only be used inside the website/ the company to process and utilize for the collecting purpose. Except for the case of prior announcement, the necessity to accomplish requested service, to fulfill the obligation on a contract, or to respond to orders or requests of relevant regulations or authorized competent authority,,the website/ the company will not provide the information for the third party (domestic or overseas) or use it for other purposes

    (5) Areas of the use: the host computer of the company regarding personal information, relevant network servers, and places of the company's relevant service or marketing area.

    (6) Parties of the use:the website/the company, the partners and relevant outsourcing subcontractors e.g. supplier, logistics, payment operators, and freebie supplier

    (7) Implementation of the rights of personal information: according to Personal Information Protection Act Article 3, you have the right to inquire and request for a review or make duplications of your personal information. You may also request to supplement or correct, or discontinue the collection, processing, using, and delete your personal information. You can email to【[email protected]】(to prevent omission, please assure you have recieved the response of the company) or mail to 【Rm. 2, 2F., No.26, Ln. 513, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)】in papers to exercise the rights. Once recieving your request,the company would work on it as soon as possible, provided, however, that, this shall not apply to any act relating to the necessity of the business.

3. Explation of the collection, treatment, and utilization of personal information

    Except the case mentionned below, the company would not sell, transfer or reveal the personal information of a user to the third party:

    (1)When the company is co-organizing activities with the third party, we will share your information with it in order to provide you with your requested products or services. The website would inform you clearly on the event page that your personal information would be offered to the third party as co-organizer because of the participation. It means that you understand and agree to provide the information for the co-organizing third party for the purpose of the event if you choose to attend.

    (2)The company/ the website will provide your information according to law, judicial orders, administrative investigations and requests of other legal procedures. In this case, the information would simply be provided for the investigative unit, and protected by relevant laws of ROC.

    (3)To investigate and to prevant the case of illegal activities, frauds, or potential threats to personal safety, the company/ the website would take appropriate measures regarding the violation of the terms of service and the situations mentionned above

    (4)If the website or the company is acquired or merged by other companies, we have right to transfer your personal information to that other company. In this case, the website would inform you when your personal information should be transferred and should conform to different privacy policy

4. Confidentiality and security

    the company would protect your personal information provided with appropriate technical and origanized security meausures according to relevant regulations, and merely the workers who have to access your personal information out of the necessity of business would have the right to it. The company has already taken the legal physical, electronic and procedure protective measures to protect yuor personal information. However, please be aware that even the company has done the utmost to protect your personal information, there is no guarantee that it would not be illegally intercepted, transmitted, or hacked.

5. amendments of the privacy policy

    the company/ the website reserves the right to amend the policy regarding real situation. When there is an essential amendment of the policy, it would be annouced on the website. You are obliged to pay attention to whether there is any update or amendment of the policy. If you do not agree with the amendment, you could renounce relevant services at any time, and should immediately cease the usage of the services of the website. It means you agree with the changes of the policy if you keep on using the services.